C# And The Squiggly Editor

C# And The Squiggly Editor

In Visual Studio And The Mushroom Arguments, we finally got Visual Studio up and running and learned how to build and run our first application in it. Now it’s time to explore the fancy editor in this IDE and see a bit more of what it can do.

In this pumpkin we’re going to take a look at the importance of curly braces and semi-colons in C# code and understand how the editor helps us get those right. We’re also going to play a bit with the windows in the IDE and learn how to recover them in case we mess them up.

First though, let’s just recap what an IDE is all about.

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Manga Learning Log / Day #2

Manga Learning / Day #2

Learning Manga / Day #2


Source: Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley, Pages 12/13.
Aspect: Female Front View


It took a few tries until I got this minimally acceptable. I found it is crucial to get the guiding circle and rulers (which are removed after inking) absolutely correct for the picture to look good. I also wanted to colour it, like the original version in the book, but I found I neither have the appropriate pens nor the appropriate software to do it – for now. Well, all in due time. :D

Index: Manga

Final Fantasy VI / The Dream Oath / Live

This is a live orchestral performance of one of my favourite moments in gaming history, the Maria And Draco opera scene from Final Fantasy VI, commonly referred to as The Dream Oath.

If you tied your tongue while trying to sing-a-long this opera using its English lyrics, rejoice in the fact this performance is in the Japanese it was meant to be.

For you opera lovers out there, this means each syllable of this sublime opera now ties perfectly with each single note of its melody – as wonderful operas are meant to be.

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Manga Learning Log / Day #1

Design, Coding, Artwork, Music. One cannot make a great game without all of these, can he?

With the coding aspect now in full-throttle, I have decided to kickstart yet another long-delayed childhood dream. That of learning how to draw Manga.

Damn, I have absolutely no idea where to start!
Plus, I only type nowadays!
I don't even know how to hold a pencil anymore!

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Final Fantasy VI / “Maria And Draco” Opera Scene

This is one of my favourite moments in gaming history. Not only because of the sad yet beautiful poetry of this pixellated opera, but also the entire build up of the game up to this point.

This is the complete sequence of the Maria And Draco opera scene, including the gaming bits, from the original SNES English version of Final Fantasy VI.

Composed by the great ones Nobuo Uematsu and Yoshinori Kitase.

Thanks to youtuber tifita for making this available.

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#8: Visual Studio And The Mushroom Arguments

Visual Studio And The Mushroom Arguments

Now that I have created my very first program in Hello, Pumpkin! using notepad and the command-line to understand what the compiler is doing for me in C# Compiler, The Wise, it’s time to step up the game and get Visual Studio up and running.

In this pumpkin, I’m going to redo that very first program, but now using proper Visual Studio.

So let’s see, where shall I begin?

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